Being REALTORS® in Victoria is awesome!

We know we are lucky. We had the privilege of being raised in beautiful Victoria! And we don’t only love this city because its home for us, but because it also has so much to offer. Here are just a few of our favourite reasons to be a REALTOR® in Victoria and love this city.

Dining and culture

Victoria has no shortage of great restaurants or great cultural events! If you get bored here then you’ve probably not walked your front door in a few days.


Whether you’re looking for something casual or wanting to have a more elaborate meal, Victoria has you covered. Locals like to say that Victoria has more restaurants per capita than any other city in Canada and with all that competition restaurants need to stay on their ‘A-game’ to make it here. If they don’t, their patrons have many other options to turn to instead. It’s also one of the reasons why many main stream chain establishments fail – why would you go to them when you can support a local entity instead?


One of the awesome reasons to be a REALTOR® in Victoria, is that the city sells itself! This is an old city bursting with history. We have castles, museums, festivals, art galleries and exhibits accessible almost every day. It can be easy to overlook resources like Tourism Victoria as a local, but we strongly suggest giving their calendar a peak to see everything that’s coming up!

Geographic location

Located on the Southern Tip of Vancouver Island, the location of this beautiful city couldn’t be any better. Thanks to the ocean surrounding us on three sides, our weather here is pretty great. In the winter, we stay relatively mild and have little to no snow, and in the summer, we get beautiful sunny days, but it rarely becomes uncomfortably hot. This moderate weather makes being active outside all year around not only enjoyable – but possible! With only a few days’ exceptions, you can bike, row, golf, paddle, hike and run, etc. almost every day here! In addition to our weather, this location has another great perk - we are just a short trip away from many great cities, towns and islands. Without needing to spend a ton of money and book a week or three of work, you can be somewhere entirely different in just a short few hours making weekend getaways to places like Vancouver, Tofino, the Gulf Islands, Seattle, Portland and others not only in reach, but realistic.  However, we are also just far enough away that the hustle and bustle from larger cities like Vancouver and Seattle doesn’t pollute our ‘Island Life’ ways.

Real Estate Victoria

As REALTORS® we would be amiss not to discuss real estate Victoria markets. And we do mean ‘markets’! Whether you are in the market for something 100 years old with history to match the city, a new build in a new up and coming area, a home on land enough to farm on or a condo in the heart of the city, Victoria has these to offer and everything in-between.
Each neighbourhood in and around the city has its own unique personality, and best of all, you can move easily between them quickly and without spending hours in traffic! In fact, you don’t have to spend a second in traffic if you don’t want to. Victoria is also well connected with bike paths, lanes and corridors!
With these reasons only highlighting a fraction of why being a REALTOR® in Victoria is awesome - it really is no wonder why Victoria consistently ranks in the top cities in Canada!
What are your favourite things about our beautiful city?
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Jason and Nico Craveiro