How to keep your home valuable

Even if you’re not planning on moving any time soon, chances are that one day you will. In order to ensure you get a fair offer in the future, it’s important to keep and protect the value in your home now. Below are a few of our best tips to ensure that your house retains (or even increases) in value!

We know that we all live busy lives and sometimes we should celebrate just that all the dishes are done! However, it’s important that we don’t get behind when it comes to the maintenance of our house. Whether you are interested or not with the resale value of your home, you should do it for the sake of your own pocketbook! When you put little things off you tend to leave yourself open for more problems down the road, and you’ll find that it will cost a lot more to fix than if you had addressed them at the outset. Things like weatherproofing, gutter cleaning, plumbing and electrical issues, when left unattended to, have the potential to do major damage that can’t be ignored.

We know that our neighbours’ properties can impact our home value, both positively and negatively. But don’t worry, you do have some control over which direction that scale tips! Is there an empty house on your street? Gather together people from the neighbourhood and take turned mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds, planting flowers and watering the garden! This will not only help keep the value of everyone’s properties, but it will also act as a friendly reminder for everyone to maintain their own lots (and in turn protects yours!). An additional benefit is that the neighbourhood will come together as a community. This isn’t only helpful when you’ve run out of sugar, it also helps in making your neighbourhood a safer and more welcoming area – which only helps again to increase your property value.  But you don’t need to wait for an abandoned lot in your area to rally the troops! Plan a block party and start building those relationships now and if you have a neighbour that could use a hand – lend it! 

Get an appraisal
You bought your house at one price, and you’re paying your mortgage accordingly; however, chances are that your house wouldn’t be listed for that same price today. It’s a good idea to know (not guess) what your home value is now. Getting an appraisal done can give you a lot of good information about your home so that you can create a priority ’to-do’ list to increase the value– without the time crunch to do it all before you want list or remortgage!If you’re interested in more tips or information on the Victoria real estate market reach out to us and we would be happy to assist you and your family. 

Best, Jason and Nico Craveiro